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Moving to a new name and a new place! Catch new releases, and many more, at


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Chapter 4


In case anyone was looking for the release of RustBlaster 4th Cry, “From Tears to Tears, Hell to Hell.” This was released in January. I edited it for X-VK Scans before creating Fyulong, and then decided to ask for it to be a joint after it was released because I didn’t know it had been lol So don’t mind the credit pages :)

RustBlaster Chapter 4

You can also get this release at the Vampire Knight Forums. Big thanks to X-VK Scans, who scanned and translated :)

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Chapter 30

07-ghost_ch30_pg03This is a little later than planned, but I wasn’t expecting it to be so much work to clean. Let’s just say Frau kicks butt in a double page that I couldn’t leave separated. There were also a few bubbles on a page that were left untranslated, so I had a good friend, Eve, strain over it for awhile because I love her. Thankfully, she’s so smart and amazing, that she translated it with the ease of a professional. Also, much thanks to Pezz_Talent from for his help as well, although I don’t think he knows he helped. So, here is Kapitel 30, “Hausen House 2.”

07-Ghost Chapter 30 (mirror)

Also be sure to check out Twilight Dreams Scans’ website for the high quality version of Chapter 27!

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Chapter 29

Here’s the next chapter, Kapitel 29, “Hausen House 1.” There’s a nice color page as well. It took me forever to clean, but I’m happy with the overall result.

07-Ghost Chapter 29 (mirror)

Look for a new chapter later tomorrow night.

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Chapter 28

07-ghost_ch28_pg02Hello again. Here is the next chapter, Kapitel 28, “The Sixth District.”

07-Ghost Chapter 28 (mirror)

Enjoy. I’ll hopefully have another chapter done tomorrow, but I’m not sure if I can between work and babysitting. If not, expect one Sunday. Have a good weekend!

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Chapter 27

07-ghost_ch27_pg03I didn’t think I would go so fast, but here’s the the first release for Fyulong, chapter 27 of 07-Ghost. If anyone is interested in helping me clean or typeset this series, please go to the About page or comment here. I can only go so fast by myself…

07-Ghost Chapter 27 (mirror)

07-Ghost Chapter 27 HQ! by Twilight Dreams Scans


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Hello. This is the website for Fyulong, the 07-Ghost Scanlation Group. We will post all updates here, along with links to all releases. All information you need about this group will be placed here.



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